Beauty is in the Bocote

Hi everyone, No one is as excited as we are about the beautiful wood that we have just acquired for tops and fretboards for some new custom models we are about to build. We are not going to give away the full secret, but here is just a taste of what lies ahead very soon!Continue reading “Beauty is in the Bocote”

Custom Deluxe guitars on eBay

Greetings, We have just placed two beautiful Lap axe custom Deluxe travel guitars onto eBay for a nice discounted price. We felt that the very slight cosmetic finish discrepancies were not enough to redo but would provide an opportunity for someone to own one of these beautiful axes for a lower price! You can followContinue reading “Custom Deluxe guitars on eBay”

New Custom Models

Hi everyone, Our design and manufacturing team have been busy preparing some amazing new custom Lap axe deluxe and EX custom models. Some of the woods include Blood Wood, Zebra Wood, Purpleheart, and Maple. Here are a few sample photos of what’s coming out this week and next. Check out details at

Lap axe introduces a new colour

Hi everyone, We have just completed a few deluxe models that are sporting a beautiful new color for us! We call it Candy Red. The one shown has chrome hardware and is the first of its kind. We are are planning to also produce this color in our EX series as well. Let us knowContinue reading “Lap axe introduces a new colour”