Lap axe Lefty review

We came across this post recently from one of our first left handed customers. We were very pleased to not only come across this website, but even more pleased at the positive outcome and feedback on our left hand design. Happy Chopping all! B, P, and the travel guitar team

Choosing Hardware for Lap axe EX Custom Travel Guitars

Here’s a chance for you to choose your own combination of a custom EX body and hardware to match. Every now and than, we post the bodies before loading them up. If you’re quick enough to catch one, you can have it done your way….hmmmm…just like the burger guys..This video gives you a look atContinue reading “Choosing Hardware for Lap axe EX Custom Travel Guitars”

New Custom EX Series Lap axe Travel Guitars

They’re heeeeeeeeeere! Our new run of EX custom bodies have been built. Rather than just load them up with our (selfish) choices of hardware, we thought it would be more fun to let you decide on how you want yours configured. But be warned, if the Maple top ebony fretboard isn’t snapped up soon, I’mContinue reading “New Custom EX Series Lap axe Travel Guitars”

New Lap axe Dealer Display Stand

Hi Everyone, Our great team of builders have come up with a beautiful display stand for dealers wishing to show off their collection of Lap axe travel guitars. Rather than just coming up with something functional, they used their talents as craftsmen to design a beautiful stand from the same mahogany wood used to makeContinue reading “New Lap axe Dealer Display Stand”