New Releases

Guitarists beware! We have just completed a new build of some amazing custom EX series travel guitars from a selection of beautiful woods too tempting to resist. But don’t worry, we have enough to go around. However, If you are interested in one of these great instruments, I would suggest reserving soon as we knowContinue reading “New Releases”

Lap axe travel guitar specifications

Some useful information about the ultimate travel guitar. This video should help you decide which Lap axe guitar is right for your traveling and practicing/ performing needs. Both models can be carried on to any flight and a deluxe can be played even in an economy seat. If you need more info or help, dropContinue reading “Lap axe travel guitar specifications”

Triple Deluxe Day

Well, three beautiful Lap axe Deluxe model travel guitars are on their way by FedEx, about to travel to three very far locations worldwide. The Blue Ocean is on it’s way to Calgary Canada, while the Candy Red takes a quicker journey to Japan, and this Black beauty will be flying first class to Denmark! We are enjoyingContinue reading “Triple Deluxe Day”