Lap axe Custom Travel Guitars

We now have a great selection of custom models in our EX mini hum bucker and Lipaxe EX single coil series travel guitars. The axe featured here is from the “Lipper” series and flaunts a stunning Birdseye Maple top with a rosewood inlay. This beautiful custom guitar can be found on our website at andContinue reading “Lap axe Custom Travel Guitars”

Who Says You Can’t Take It With You?

Well other than the winter flu bug working it’s way around the “office”, there is a real buzz over some of the new Lap axe products in production. Don’t forget we have some great deals on our 2015 remaining stock. All have our new RFS, truss rod and graphite support, and are only being clearedContinue reading “Who Says You Can’t Take It With You?”

What’s New For 2016

At Lap axe we are about to launch the new “FREE BIRD” hot rail travel guitar. The first edition will be exclusively sold in Japan and features a beautiful unique finish as well as a three pickup system. February will see the launch as well as the release of videos featuring the new “FREE BIRD”Continue reading “What’s New For 2016”