Lap Axe travel guitar EX Jazz custom series !

This Lap Axe EX Jazz come with a beautiful Birdseye Maple top and Fingerboard. The top also features a Bocote inlay. The Body and fretboard are in a satin finish. This finish enhances the beautiful natural Vanilla colour. Loaded with bell brass hardware and minhumbuckers, this is the ultimate travel guitar in standard tuning. ThisContinue reading “Lap Axe travel guitar EX Jazz custom series !”

Lip Axe EX Honey Gold Maple

This Lip Axe in Honey Gold Maple Gloss was added earlier this year to our standard line. As with all of our EX series models, this travel guitar comes in standard tuning. The Fretboard is made from Curly Maple and the body is Mahogany.  The neck is triple reinforced by 2 Carbon Fiber rods andContinue reading “Lip Axe EX Honey Gold Maple”

Lap axe pre holiday season sale!

In celebration of another year of success, we are putting special discount prices on some of our more popular travel electric guitars. At Lap axe, Christmas comes early. The great offers are as follows: 1. Free Bird “Red Devil” : Usual price US$888.00  NOW ONLY $795.00 2. “Lipaxe “Lipper” Honey Gold Maple: Usual price  US$725.00Continue reading “Lap axe pre holiday season sale!”