We’re Back!

After a rather long hiatus due to covid, we are back in limited production and sales. We appreciate your continued support. Check out some of our products at http://www.lapaxe.com

LapAxe-Green Machine

By special request we made this one again for a Japanese customer. This one The Green Machine, loaded with Lipstick pick-ups and a Curly Maple Fretboard !!!

The New Deluxe “Solo” Is Here

Hey Choppers, Our newest Lap axe Deluxe model is now available. This travel guitar is the perfect balance of aesthetics and simplicity. The single volume control keeps the top of this portable axe uncluttered, and allows you to use your DAW or your amp to set your tone. This is also our most affordable travelContinue reading “The New Deluxe “Solo” Is Here”

Our Featured Discount Item

Our special this week? A beautiful Deluxe Custom travel guitar featuring Macassar Ebony top and fretboard. The gold bell brass hardware really compliments the dark grain of this gem. This nice axe usually sells for US$777, but we are listing it this week for only US$ 649.00!

Travel Guitars For 2018 Are Here

Lap axe is all geared up for 2018 and we are thrilled to have our newest models ready to order, as well as our popular designs. Our new website store has everything you are looking for in a great travel electric guitar, so check us out at https://www.lapaxe.com. If you don’t see what you areContinue reading “Travel Guitars For 2018 Are Here”

Who Says You Can’t Take It With You?

Well other than the winter flu bug working it’s way around the “office”, there is a real buzz over some of the new Lap axe products in production. Don’t forget we have some great deals on our 2015 remaining stock. All have our new RFS, truss rod and graphite support, and are only being clearedContinue reading “Who Says You Can’t Take It With You?”

Holiday Discounts

Howdy Choppers, Here is a sample of some of the great discounts we are offering on all models throughout December. See something you like? Get in touch with us at contact@lapaxe.com or go directly to our website at http://www.lapaxe.com. The holidays and holiday travel is  a great time for music. Happy chopping all, Bill PepijnContinue reading “Holiday Discounts”