LapAxe-Green Machine

By special request we made this one again for a Japanese customer. This one The Green Machine, loaded with Lipstick pick-ups and a Curly Maple Fretboard !!!

Lapaxe The Ultimate Travel guitars !

Here a couple of shots of what we recently build !

LapAxe Deluxe best electric travel guitar !

This stunning Deluxe just from the workbench and ready for final setup ! Finished in a Natural Gloss coat , this Deluxe features a gorgeous Macassar Top and Fretboard complement with our Bell Brass Hardware. This is the perfect Travel Guitar, designed to play while on a economy class seat ! Check this Axe outContinue reading “LapAxe Deluxe best electric travel guitar !”

Lap Axe & Tonewoods !

All of our custom axes start off with a solid piece of kiln dried Mahogany. Once the moisture levels in the wood have reached an acceptable level of between 8% to 12%, we then glue the tops onto the blocks. Once the top is glued to the block, we then decide which tops will haveContinue reading “Lap Axe & Tonewoods !”

Our Lap axe Deluxe with a maple fretboard in green gloss finish is back !

The Teal green Deluxe was discontinued last year. However, due to increasing demand for this colour, we have decided to re-issue this model. A limited number of these will become available in our website store at later this week. They won’t last so keep your eyes peeled. Happy Chopping , The Lap Axe teamContinue reading “Our Lap axe Deluxe with a maple fretboard in green gloss finish is back !”


We have just completed production of a new model from our Deluxe SE series. This axe features a beautiful dark natural finish complimented by a bocote inlay and gold bell brass hardware. Our Deluxe series is designed  to be tuned up a minor third above standard, though some of our “more adventurous” customers have experimentedContinue reading “LAPAXE “DELUXE SE””